A circular race of 76Km with a positive and negative height difference of 5.451m and starting and finishing at Ribes de Freser. This is a trail that takes the runners to the highest peaks of the Vall de Ribes, the Puigmal, Eina, Noufonts, Noucreus, Torreneules, Balandrau and Taga.

    It is an ideal race for those wanting to start out on long distance trails or wishing to test themselves before the main event.

    The most part of the race is at an altitude of over 2.000m with an average height of 2.057m and the highest point is at the peak of Puigmal (2.910m).

    The start will be at the Ribes de Freser municipal Sports Hall at 6 AM on Saturday 6 June 2020, and the race will finish at the same point.

    The trial is limited to 300 runners.

    The trial qualified for the UTMB® and is certified by the ITRA (Nº: 465-53133) with the following score:

    • Endurance points: 4 (new scale)
    • Mountain level: 11
    • Finisher level: 420
Entry price:

  • Up to 31/12/2019: 73 euros
  • From 01/01/2020 to 15/04/2020: 85 euros
  • From 16/04/2020 to 30/04/2020: 105 euros
Other services:

  • Temporal insurance: 10 euros (see regulation)
  • Cancellation insurance: 10 euros

  • Eco cup: 2 euros to refill with liquids at the refreshment points.
  • Els Bastions® 2020 Original BUFF®: 12 euros
Time limits:

  • Collet: 08:00 AM on Saturday 6 (2h 00min of race time)
  • Fontalba: 09:30 AM on Saturday 6 (3h 30min of race time)
  • Núria: 12:45 PM on Saturday 6 (6h 45min of race time)
  • Pic de l'Àliga: 17:00 PM on Saturday 6 (11h 00min of race time)
  • Coll de 3 Pics: 20:00 PM on Saturday 6 (14h 00min of race time)
  • Pardines: 22:00 PM on Saturday 6 (16h 00min of race time)
  • Ribes de Freser: 02:00 AM on Sunday 7 (20h 00min of race time)


  • Entries will start on 15/11/2019 and will be closed on 30/04/2020 or when all places are taken.
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